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The DigiLegs transform the DigiPlate Pro and Lite into a working table. This is especially handy when you have items like the DigiBase and hard drives mounted to the bottom of the DigiPlate.

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Those items make the bottom uneven when not mounted on a stand or a tripod. The legs elevate the plate, clearing space for items attached below. The bottom of the legs have rubber pads to prevent scratches on delicate surfaces. Why only three legs? Three legs eliminates the rocking created by uneven surfaces. Kit includes the 3 DigiLegs and mounting instructions.

- Evens out the DigiPlate bottom surface once you have accessories and components attached
- Great if you need to set the DigiPlate on a wet or nasty surface
- Compatible with all DigiPlates 
- Constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum
- Anodized Black
- Made in USA


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